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Project #Super71 - Overview

This is something you may hear on this website over and over again. So what exactly is Project #Super71?

Blue 1971 Super Beetle

This is the online name I have given my latest and hopefully greatest VW project. I have never given any of my cars names, it's not my thing. I usually just call them whatever best describes them. So Project #Super71 is just a name for anything related to the restoration and customization of my 1971 Super Beetle. This entire site will revolve about this project over the next couple years.

Currently the beetle has been moved into my garage and I have started to strip the entire thing down. I have already removed the interior, dash, gas tank, wiper motor, fenders, running boards, glass, trim, and a few other odds and ends. I still need to remove some of the bulky components before I separate the body from the pan. That would include the transmission, axels, front struts, and rear shocks. Once all these things have been cleared out and tucked away the real fun... and work will begin. Those details will follow in additional posts as they happen.

Right now I am still sorting out my master plan for the project. I like to look online for examples of other 1302 Super Beetles. I have pretty much narrowed it down as to what I like, but things could very easily change as things progress. One of the main changes on my 1971 Super wil be the back end. I am planning on giving the rear end a 1973 look by replacing the fenders, tail lights, and deck lid. Up front I am going to be installing the smaller turn signals on the fenders, and re-installing the vent windows. Back in 1996 we went with the one piece windows and I am no longer a fan. As for colour, I am pretty well hooked on Tunis Yellow from the Jeans Beetle for the exterior, and Black vinyl basket weave interior. The correct bumpers will be installed once again but the front will be dropped 2" with the select and strut paired with tapered springs. I am not sure what rims I am going to install but the tires will be 205x60x15 rear, and 185x55x15 on the front. We will power this 1302 with a 1776cc or 1835cc power plant with a 44mm centre mount HPMX carburetor from EMPI. Tint the windows and throw on some chrome and you should start to get the picture. The end result should look like a early 1970's Beetle that was modified in the late 70's

Project #Super71 VW Super Beetle

Once Project #Super71 has been completed and proven to be reliable on the road, it will be heading off to California. Yes, that's right. I am planning on driving from Toronto (Orangeville) to San Fransisco California. There is a lot to get done before that can happen, but it's still fun to plan a rout. I will be looking for input from community to help with the details.

We have just started our VLOG series. Be sure to check back on the website often as we post new videos on a regular babsis, and update the BLOG with ongoing details and the Project #Super71 progress.

That's all for now.

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