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Project #Super71 - Front Right Wheel Well

Project #Super71 - Front Right Wheel Well

As I was ripping this rusty part of the Super Beetle apart I couldn't help think about how strange it was. I spent many hours just thinking about it and looking at pictures to try and make sense of what this area of the bug looked like before It all rusted away. I searched online and had trouble finding solid examples of the inside workings of the inner section of the front wheel well area. I had no worries that I could fix it, but I wanted to copy what ever VW was doing back in 1971. After a few weeks I realized that VW really didn't have an idea what they were doing here either.


Project #Super71 - Odd Ball Repairs

Not every spot on the Beetle can be easily repaired. Unless you completely disassemble your Bug you may not be able to replace metal that is less than favorable. In some cases it's simply not in the budget or time table. This was the case with Project #Super71 and the metal that is under the gas tank and sandwiched between the front firewall and the back of the spare tire well. In my case the metal was not completely lost, but could use some help.


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